Our vision is to make sure each child feels loved, supported and fulfilled through education and a tailored, holistic approach to healthcare.

At The Evolving Mind, we recognise the importance of an early diagnosis and therapy during a child’s formative years. Treatment during childhood not only improves the management of the condition’s challenges, but also empowers us to cultivate a child’s potential gifts to their maximum potential.

Our vision is to create an environment where every child experiences love, support, and fulfilment through personalised, comprehensive healthcare and education.

Why are we doing this?

Our commitment to this cause is deeply personal. We were founded on the premise of firsthand experience, having navigated the same challenges. This fuels our passion and dedication to providing comprehensive, supportive, and empathetic care. Some of our clinicians are neurodiverse themselves or have family members that are. They are therefore able to provide the support that they would want for themselves or their family.

Both Private and NHS waiting lists for ADHD and Autism have reached unprecedented levels, making it increasingly challenging to obtain necessary treatment promptly. Projections reveal a concerning trend, with an estimated 190,000 patients awaiting an autism diagnosis by 2024, and an additional 800,000 individuals awaiting an ADHD diagnosis. The impact of the lock downs from the COVID Pandemic has exacerbated this issue further, leading to a 350% surge in children waiting for autism assessments, as reported by The Guardian.

Without early diagnosis, children and young people often face challenges in various aspects of life—struggling in school, socially, at home, and in future work endeavours. This can lead to enduring mental health complications.

Additionally, the journey from diagnosis to treatment is frequently riddled with obstacles and perplexing processes. At The Evolving Mind, we recognise and aim to address these challenges for the well-being of children.

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